Course Work
Computer Science (Master of Science)
AIntro to Computing (103)1991Gettysburg
A+Intro to Computer Science (104)1992Gettysburg
AComputer Org & Assembly (221)1992Gettysburg
A-Data Structures (216)1993Gettysburg
A+Artificial Intelligence (371)1993Gettysburg
A-Software Engineering (335)1994Gettysburg
ASoftware Systems and Design (340)1995Gettysburg
ASoftware Development Project (392)1995Gettysburg
AUNIX Administration and Tools (484)1996UNM
AGeometric Probabilistic Methods (530)2009UNM
ADigital Image Processing (522)2010UNM
AComputer Networks (585)2010UNM
A-Advanced Operating Systems (587)2010UNM
AComputer Vision (532)2011UNM
CRColloquium 1 (592)2011UNM
AApproximation and Diff Eq (576)2011UNM
A+Software Testing (581)2012UNM
CRColloquium 2 (592)2012UNM
AIntro to AI (527)2013UNM
A+Software Foundations (558)2016UNM
A+Introduction to Cybersecurity (544)2017UNM
Physics (Bachelor of Science with honors)
AMechanics & Heat (111)1991Gettysburg
A+Waves, Electricity, Magnetism (112)1992Gettysburg
A-Electronics w/ Lab (240)1992Gettysburg
B+Relativity & Modern Physics (213)1993Gettysburg
B+Classical Mechanics (319)1993Gettysburg
A-Atomic & Nuclear Physics (310)1993Gettysburg
A+Astrophysics Research (462)1994Gettysburg
AAdvanced Physics Laboratory (325)1994Gettysburg
AQuantum Mechanics (341)1994Gettysburg
BSpecial Topics in Physics (381)1994Gettysburg
AInternship (Astrophysics) (474)1994NAU
A-Electricity & Magnetism (330)1995Gettysburg
AConcepts of Astronomy (421)1995UNM
CRSeminar 1 (400)1995UNM
BClassical Mechanics I (503)1995UNM
CRPhysics Problems Course (400)1995UNM
A+Stars & Stellar Systems (422)1996UNM
CRSeminar 2 (400)1996UNM
A+Calculus I (111)1991Gettysburg
A+Calculus II (112)1992Gettysburg
AMultivariate Calculus (211)1992Gettysburg
ALinear Algebra (212)1993Gettysburg
ADiff Eq & Special Functions (363)1993Gettysburg
ADiscrete Structures (208)1994Gettysburg
A-Mathematical Methods (466)1996UNM
Electrical & Computer Engineering
ASignals and Communications (314)1998UNM
A+Probabilistic Methods (340)1998UNM
Fine Arts
AModern Dance I (110)1996UNM
CRModern Dance I (110)1997UNM
AHip-Hop Dance I (308)1997UNM
A-African Dance I (308)1997UNM
AMexican Folk (308)1998UNM
AFlamenco I (169)1998UNM
AFlamenco I (169)1999UNM
A-Hip-Hop Dance I (308)1999UNM
Physical Education, Non-Professional
A+Ballroom I (124)1999UNM
A+Aerobic Dance I (158)1999UNM
A+Aerobic Dance II (159)1999UNM
AAerobic Dance II (159)2000UNM
ABeg Country Western Dance (128)2000UNM
AInt Country Western Dance (129)2000UNM
CRInt Ballroom Dance (125)2001UNM
CRBeg Country Western Dance (128)2001UNM
CRInt Country Western Dance (129)2001UNM
CRIndividual Tumbling (118)2003UNM
CRBallroom Dance I (124)2004UNM
CRBeginning Tennis (143)2004UNM
AIntermediate Tennis (144)2006UNM
AEnglish Composition (101)1991Gettysburg
AColloquy (English/Writing) (100)1992Gettysburg
B+Fundamental Spanish (104)1992Gettysburg
AIntermediate Spanish (201)1992Gettysburg
B+Theory of Visual Arts (120)1992Gettysburg
BIntermediate Spanish (202)1993Gettysburg
AIntroduction to Philosophy (101)1993Gettysburg
ALiterary Foun West Culture (103)1994Gettysburg
A-Religions of Japan (249)1994Gettysburg
APrehistory and Human Evolution (105)1995Gettysburg
AGreek Religion and Literature (315)1999UNM
AGreek Mythology (411)1999UNM
AEconomics Personal Investing (212)2002UNM
APsychology of Alcoholism (430)2007UNM
A+Human Geography (102)2008UNM
A+Physical Geography (101)2009UNM
International Exploration
Spain1990Herndon High
England, Scotland, Northern Ireland2000Independent
Canada: Quebec2000Independent
West Africa: Senegal, Gambia2001Mussukeba Sane
Costa Rica2003Independent
Mexico: Oaxaca2016Independent

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